Selling Beats Online

This means that in order to sell beats online, you must first have beats to sell and so how to start selling beats is to first create some beats to sell. Today the potential to sell beats may be fairly easy but this was not at first the case, even after the internet had been introduced. Read More

Beat Selling Platforms

There are several different beat selling platforms online today and whilst they all may vary in one way or another, they basically provide very much the same things. Examples of these beat selling platforms are Soundgine, Airbit and MyArtistDNA. What these platforms do is provide a ‘store’ Read More

Making a Profit

The producers who create the beats are like any other producer in so far as they hope to make a profit from what they produce but as selling beats has become as popular as it has, many people wonder if it is still viable for all the producers to make a profit from creating and selling them. Read More

Mastering the Beat

As with selling anything, it is the quality of the product which often dictates how successful or how high the sales are. This means that anyone thinking about getting into the beat selling market should master the art of creating what will hopefully be popular beats. Of course though, Read More

Starting a Beat Selling Business Online

You can now start to see that there are several steps or stages which have to be taken in order to start a successful online beat selling business and these steps are:

As with the producing of anything, the finished product will only be as good as the raw material used to make it. In the case of beats, the ‘raw material’ is the producer themselves and so it is their ability to create original sounds which will ultimately determine the quality of the beats.


Fortunately today, this step has almost been taken out of the producer’s hands thanks to the introduction of the online beat selling platforms but the producer should still research each of them to decide which would best suit their particular needs.


This is a stage that may eventually look after itself but not until both the producers name and the quality of their beats has become well-known throughout the music industry. Once that has happened, artists may approach a specific producer and ask them for a beat but until that time, producers will have to ask the different artists if they need a beat. For their initial marketing, producers should once again turn to the internet and in particular to the many social media sites. Some of the social media sites which have been proven to be particularly good marketing tools for beat producers are Facebook, Instagram and of course Youtube.


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